Science Fiction Romance

The Chikara Revolution – Book 1

She was a researcher…

…forced into being a doctor by the war.

Would it change her?

Raev was a genius but being deaf made her lonely. She did her job better than anyone. Saving lives gave her purpose. It wasn’t enough.

The soldier was in disguise.

He was badly hurt.

She never thought twice about saving him, even though he was fighting for the other side and might try to kill her. Were the enemy as bad as everyone said?

There were two things she didn’t know about him.

Dominion fell for her the moment he saw Raev and his father was the tyrant trying to take over the world.

Could they survive what came next?

You’ll love this second installment in The Chikara Revolution, because this romance could change the course of war.

The Chikara Revolution – Book 2

She’s a space pirate and thief…

…who gives to the poor.

Would this modern-day Robin Hood pull off the greatest job in history?

For 10-years Nirvana led the crew she inherited from her father. They trusted her and liked the life, but she had a nagging need for revenge. It had made her some enemies.

Two world leaders wanted her.

Was the ambush the end?

It looked bad for Nirvana and her crew, but she was both a bad ass and quick thinker. The General of Panderon listened, and they made a deal for the lives of her men.

She needed a strong, capable soldier for the job.

What she got was Zane.

A shy, awkward, genius, who suffered from depression and anxiety was to be her partner in crime, but there was more to him than meets the eye. He was better with books than guns.

Don’t judge a book worm by his cover.

You’ll love this wonderful science fiction romance journey, because it has all the excitement, steam, and interesting characters one needs to get hooked on a new series.

The Chikara Revolution – Book 3

She’s a space pirate and thief…

…who gives to the poor.

She was a disgraced courtesan, sentenced to a life of torture and abuse …

… until a series of events gave her a new face and turned her into a powerful cyborg.

Would she use this turn of the tide to start her life afresh? Or would she choose to seek revenge?

Even though she was lonely, Kseniya had led a comfortable life until an unforeseen incident caused her to enrage two of the most powerful men on the planet.

Sentenced to a life of torture, she was on the verge of death when Alden saved her.

A cyborg with a tragic past, Alden did not expect the demons he’d kept buried for decades to be awoken by his feelings for Kseniya. He wants the chance to right the wrongs of his past, but she doesn’t want to be his redemption. She wants more.

Can she help him overcome his fears and convince him to open up his heart again?

Will they escape the authorities who are still hunting them and explore a new future together?

You will love this action-packed third installment in The Chikara Revolution, because this romance, with a side of revenge thriller, will satisfy your emotions at a primal level.

♥ Get it now. ♥

Warning: This book depicts scenes of miscarriage, violence and rape.

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