Post-Apocalypse Trial – All fail

The cabin fever is getting to me. In fact, not just me, all of us at home. Kid1 and 3 are usually very quiet, in fact Kid3 is largely non-verbal. They have started snapping and yelling at the rest of the siblings. My parents are snapping at the kids. Everyone is snapping at each other.Continue reading “Post-Apocalypse Trial – All fail”

Starting all over again (T-3days)

Today, I decided to start blogging again. I stopped for almost a decade, I think. Partially because I didn\’t know how to handle the publicity it was getting, and mostly because people were sharing photos of my kids as those “ASD examples” without my permission. I wasn’t ready for that. There\’s this strange thing aboutContinue reading “Starting all over again (T-3days)”