Post Vegas Aftermath – Writer’s Paralysis

I’ve watched a few more videos from the conference before I decided to stop. I mean, I learned tonnes and all the sharing was precious. I intend to spread it out and go through everything before Vegas 2022. Being a first timer, I attended the conference all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was notContinue reading “Post Vegas Aftermath – Writer’s Paralysis”

Happy Belated Halloween!

I made a last-minute decision to challenge myself (because I’m impulsive like that) and asked my friends to contribute 3 words each that I would put together into a short story for Halloween. I’d overestimated my ability to write that fast but I still managed to finish it. Here it is! Hope you’ll like it!Continue reading “Happy Belated Halloween!”

Preorders and the Importance of Professional Proofreaders

I’ve unpublished Little Weapon from all the stores right after my first reader alerted me of some editing errors and typos. I think I can forgive myself for a couple of errors in an 82k word novel, but anything more than 2 is too much. I should have dived right into it to comb throughContinue reading “Preorders and the Importance of Professional Proofreaders”

Rookie Woes – What nobody told you about writing a series

It took me 2 years to write Little Weapon – Book 3 of the Chikara Revolution. After I was done with Fatal Extraction, I was all geared up to tell Kseniya’s story. She started off as just a mention of Zane’s past, but she refused to let me write her off. By the end ofContinue reading “Rookie Woes – What nobody told you about writing a series”

From a Not-so-n00b Writer to An Aspiring Writer

After I published my first book, I’ve got a number of friends who came to me to ask about publishing a book. I thought I’d just summarize here and share it with everyone. If you know of people who are embarking on the writing journey, do share this with them. First thing first, do notContinue reading “From a Not-so-n00b Writer to An Aspiring Writer”

#PushPlay (Finale)

Avila heart pounded all the way home. What if the \”Gabriele\” she saw in the videos was not \”Gabriele\” in real life? But then, the \”Gabriele\” in the videos did address her by her name. Did he? She couldn\’t remember for sure and had no access to the older videos because she had already deletedContinue reading “#PushPlay (Finale)”

Match Made In Hell

One of the authors whose books I love will post a picture on her fan page and challenge her readers to write a short fiction snippet from time to time. This was the picture she posted, taken from here. Here’s my snippet. “Behold the unicorns.” He swept his arm out in a grand gesture, beamingContinue reading “Match Made In Hell”