#PushPlay (Part 1)

My friend challenged me to write a short romance – thriller based on women trying to motivate each other to workout by posting their daily workouts on Facebook.  Challenge accepted. It\’s not edited so forgive my typos pls.  Avila dragged her feet to the bedroom and flopped onto her bed. She hugged her fluffy pillowContinue reading “#PushPlay (Part 1)”

Match Made In Hell

One of the authors whose books I love will post a picture on her fan page and challenge her readers to write a short fiction snippet from time to time. This was the picture she posted, taken from here. Here’s my snippet. “Behold the unicorns.” He swept his arm out in a grand gesture, beamingContinue reading “Match Made In Hell”

When the Man takes charge & Home Quarantine Order

Today I went to work. I got up at 6.40am and was out of the house by 7am. Heh. So damn enthusiastic about leaving the house. So I cleaned up my work station a little, did my mountains of marking. What does a PE teacher have to mark? You ask. Health Education Books (6 classesContinue reading “When the Man takes charge & Home Quarantine Order”

Post-Apocalypse Trial – All fail

The cabin fever is getting to me. In fact, not just me, all of us at home. Kid1 and 3 are usually very quiet, in fact Kid3 is largely non-verbal. They have started snapping and yelling at the rest of the siblings. My parents are snapping at the kids. Everyone is snapping at each other.Continue reading “Post-Apocalypse Trial – All fail”

Removing sources of anxiety (T-1day)

Today, all the non-essential companies put their businesses on hold until May 4. It\’s also the last day before school closes for the CB. CCB starts tomorrow, Singapore. Remember to stay at home, stay 1m away from everyone and wash your hands frequently. The Ministry of Education came up with the Soaper 5 to encourageContinue reading “Removing sources of anxiety (T-1day)”