Post Vegas Aftermath – Writer’s Paralysis

I’ve watched a few more videos from the conference before I decided to stop. I mean, I learned tonnes and all the sharing was precious. I intend to spread it out and go through everything before Vegas 2022. Being a first timer, I attended the conference all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was notContinue reading “Post Vegas Aftermath – Writer’s Paralysis”

My First Author Conference – Day 3 

It’s so true. I was so drained by my lack of sleep from Day 1 & 2 that the husband said I snored very loudly last night and I woke up with a stiff shoulder – likely because I didn’t move much when I slept. But I managed to sleep seven hours. That’s the mostContinue reading “My First Author Conference – Day 3 “

Review copies of Little Weapon

As a poor part-time author, I don’t have the budget for advertising now. So if you could help me out by reviewing the book, I’d be most grateful. Here’s the link to sign up for the review copy! Here’s more about the book! She was a disgraced courtesan, sentenced to a life of torture andContinue reading “Review copies of Little Weapon”