From a Not-so-n00b Writer to An Aspiring Writer

After I published my first book, I’ve got a number of friends who came to me to ask about publishing a book. I thought I’d just summarize here and share it with everyone. If you know of people who are embarking on the writing journey, do share this with them. First thing first, do notContinue reading “From a Not-so-n00b Writer to An Aspiring Writer”

#PushPlay (Finale)

Avila heart pounded all the way home. What if the \”Gabriele\” she saw in the videos was not \”Gabriele\” in real life? But then, the \”Gabriele\” in the videos did address her by her name. Did he? She couldn\’t remember for sure and had no access to the older videos because she had already deletedContinue reading “#PushPlay (Finale)”

#PushPlay (Part 1)

My friend challenged me to write a short romance – thriller based on women trying to motivate each other to workout by posting their daily workouts on Facebook.  Challenge accepted. It\’s not edited so forgive my typos pls.  Avila dragged her feet to the bedroom and flopped onto her bed. She hugged her fluffy pillowContinue reading “#PushPlay (Part 1)”

Match Made In Hell

One of the authors whose books I love will post a picture on her fan page and challenge her readers to write a short fiction snippet from time to time. This was the picture she posted, taken from here. Here’s my snippet. “Behold the unicorns.” He swept his arm out in a grand gesture, beamingContinue reading “Match Made In Hell”