Preorders and the Importance of Professional Proofreaders

I’ve unpublished Little Weapon from all the stores right after my first reader alerted me of some editing errors and typos. I think I can forgive myself for a couple of errors in an 82k word novel, but anything more than 2 is too much. I should have dived right into it to comb throughContinue reading “Preorders and the Importance of Professional Proofreaders”

Rookie Woes – What nobody told you about writing a series

It took me 2 years to write Little Weapon – Book 3 of the Chikara Revolution. After I was done with Fatal Extraction, I was all geared up to tell Kseniya’s story. She started off as just a mention of Zane’s past, but she refused to let me write her off. By the end ofContinue reading “Rookie Woes – What nobody told you about writing a series”

Review copies of Little Weapon

As a poor part-time author, I don’t have the budget for advertising now. So if you could help me out by reviewing the book, I’d be most grateful. Here’s the link to sign up for the review copy! Here’s more about the book! She was a disgraced courtesan, sentenced to a life of torture andContinue reading “Review copies of Little Weapon”