Post-Apocalypse Trial – All fail

The cabin fever is getting to me. In fact, not just me, all of us at home.

Kid1 and 3 are usually very quiet, in fact Kid3 is largely non-verbal. They have started snapping and yelling at the rest of the siblings. My parents are snapping at the kids. Everyone is snapping at each other.

I\’m getting so sluggish that I keep taking naps. I\’m usually a high-energy person, but somehow, the CCB completely drained me. Even while working full-time, I could still find the energy to spend at hour every night writing my novels, but now, the brain is just not working very well.

In fact, I unknowingly served a post-apocalyptic dish for lunch.

I looked up the internet for one pot pastas because I was getting lazier and lazier, and I found this. It looked good so I decided to make it, but in the end I delegated the cooking to my German boyfriend.

After I bought my Thermomix, I joined the forums and I noticed many people referring to it as the German maid. I prefer to refer to it as my German boyfriend. I even gave him a macho name – Magnus Koch.

Every time I cook I enjoy the fantasy that I have a hot guy cooking for me. 

So when I asked Magnus to do it, he was baffled.

One pot pastas are for pots. Why are you making shit up? I can\’t do this! (<–imaginary conversation)

But I am the unreasonable girlfriend so I insisted.

Here\’s how it went.

I have to text when I need to communicate with Mr Rain because he\’s too busy preparing HBL lessons for next week. His headphones are on. Why am I not busy preparing? Because I have completed mine last week. Maybe that\’s why I\’m so drained.
To his credit, he ate everything. 
The only comment he made was that he felt like he was eating food from the game Fallout.  

It\’s a post-apocalyptic game where people lived in vaults and eat weird food. I guess I am feeling bits of it now.

In this test-run of the apocalypse, I can tell you that we\’re all failing in the \”easy mode\”. For a start, people are fighting over toilet paper. The zombies will be made up of the people who refuse to listen to the stay-indoors rule. So. Many. Idiots.

The kids are happy to be stuck in front of their computers every day. In fact, I would be too, if I didn\’t have to be a mother and a teacher. I can download The Sims and play the whole day.

But, vision break, blah blah, too much screen time bad for brains, terrible for autistic kids, etc etc etc stress.

So I had to think of different ways to tear the kids away from their screens, so I turned to the big screen. Sigh.

I got so desperate that I even attempted to teach them MahJong.

I mean that was my motivation to have 4 kids in the first place. But it didn\’t work very well because the kids are mono-lingual (English). I\’m not giving up though. I will get there. It\’s the mantra I often chant to myself as a special needs mom.

A lot slower, nevertheless, I will get there. 
I will achieve Mahjong with my kids.

Published by Evangeline Rain

Evangeline Rain transports into her own fantasy world at night after she has completed all her boring responsibilities in the day. She copes with her mid-life crisis by pretending to be the kick-ass female leads she loves writing about, and transforms her little writing nook beside the storeroom into the fantastical worlds she dreams about. As a newbie author she doesn't have a niche genre yet, she just writes whatever comes to her head. She hopes to reach out to more readers to share the joy she experienced in the stories she had written.

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